4 Tips for Getting the Perfect Kim Kardashian Butt


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Seducing Santa: 5 Tips to Get an Amazing Body by Christmas


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5 Ways to Stay Healthy During the Winter Holidays


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Top 10 Tips for Achieving Goals

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The (All-Inclusive) List of the Top 10 Sexiest Athletes of 2010

Sexiness is certainly a very subjective thing and extends beyond mere physical appearance. For many, sexiness is related to an air of mystery. A perfect example is "The Situation," one of the cast members of the popular show Jersey Shores. No one had heard of him before the show came on the air, but … [Read more...]

6 Ways to Survive the Holidays Physically and Emotionally


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5 Inspirational Tips to Change Your Eating Habits for Good


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5 Great Stretching Exercises


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5 Cardio Routines for Beginners


Cardiovascular exercise is at the core of every healthy workout program. Cardio workouts raise the heart rate and burn fat for a healthier body from the inside out. Anyone can begin a cardiovascular exercise program, although it is always a good idea to see your doctor before beginning any … [Read more...]

T-Shirts : The Personal Trainer’s Best Friend for Advertising

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