Jobs Available after Personal Trainer Certification

Getting certified as a personal trainer is just the first step on the road to a successful and rewarding fitness career. Once you have your certification from a reputable organization, you can begin thinking about the type of job you would like to have. Personal trainers work in a wide range of venues, allowing you plenty of flexibility when planning your career path. We have just a sampling of the many options available to those with personal training certification.

Health Clubs and Gyms

Many personal trainers head to the local health clubs and gyms after receiving certification. Some of the more prestigious centers may pay personal trainers a high hourly rate to work with their clients. At health clubs, personal trainers have access to all of the top-rated equipment, allowing them to design programs customized to each client’s individual needs. They may or may not be able to set their own hours or choose their own clients, depending on the policies set by the gym or fitness center who employs them.

Corporate Settings

Some companies hire personal trainers to work with their staff to help them maintain an optimal level of fitness and health. These personal trainers are typically employees or contractors of the company, working within the corporate fitness facility or a nearby gym.

Corporate personal trainers may conduct group or individual sessions, and they will work with individuals to lose weight, develop a good exercise habit and even train for upcoming events. These trainers probably work within the company’s schedule, seeing individuals before and after work or on their lunch hours.

Cruise Ships and Resorts

Many resorts and cruise ships also have personal trainers on staff to help guests keep up with their workout programs while they are on vacation. These trainers work within the facilities of the ship or resort, which often include some of the best equipment in the industry.

Some personal trainers teach classes and work with individual guests one-on-one to help them use the equipment and work toward fitness goals. Personal trainers in these venues work on the schedule set by the resort or cruise ship, and they may meet with individual clients outside of those hours as well.

Independent Contractors

Some personal trainers choose to work as independent contractors, helping clients in their homes or at the local fitness center. Some trainers even create their own fitness facility at home and bring clients to them for their workout sessions. While independent contractors may make slightly more than trainers who work in clubs or other venues, they also tend to spend more time on the road traveling to clients. They typically work evenings and weekends, when their clients are off from their jobs.

Independent contractors do have more flexibility with their schedules, but they still must work around the most convenient times for their clients if they want to build a robust business of their own.

Personal training certification opens the door to a wide range of opportunities. Whether you want to spend your days in the local gym or seeing the world from the deck of a cruise ship, you can find a personal training job that is perfect for you.

Janna Baker

Janna Baker is a fitness and workout enthusiast.