Scientists have established that getting a pedicure can be very advantageous. Besides making your feet feel better, when massage is included, pedicures have been found to lower your stress and pain and promote better blood circulation. Of course, most of us aren’t very happy about the idea of getting a pedicure from a professional. Professional pedicurists make use of the same tubs over and over again and there is no way to tell whether or not their tools are really hygienic. The cool news is that it is perfectly possible to perform a pedicure on yourself. If you want to learn how to gives yourself pedicures at home, don’t stop reading.

The first thing you must do is use a non-acetone polish remover (acetone wreaks havoc on your body) to get rid of any polish that might still be on your toenails. The next thing you should do is cut your nails straight across and smooth down any rough edges. Only trim the nails with a toenail clipper, not one for fingernails. The curve in fingernail clippers can cause toenails to become ingrown and start hurting.

Try to soak your feet in a bath. Try to let your feet stay in a tub filled with warm water for a few minutes. You can put things like lavender bath salts or other skin moisturizers and soothers. This makes your foot bath a lot more relaxing and is a great way to indulge your feet to help them feel better. Foot soaking crystals are available in any bath and body area of any store today. Of course, a few might cost a little more but go for the ones you like most.

Use a pumice to smooth down any rough spots or calluses that may still remain after the foot bath. Don’t try to use callus shavers or tools of that ilk. A a pumic stone should be adequate.

Wash your feet after you are finished using the pumice. After you’ve rinsed the foot soak and any callus dust or dust from the pumice, slather some moisturizing lotion. You can find many different types of moisturizing lotions that are made specifically for the feet. It is fine to merely rub in the lotion rapidly if you are in a hurry, but try not to settle for this. However, you’re not pressed for time, massage it in. Massaging helps settle down not just your feet but the rest of your body too.

Once your feet are all clean, callus free and moisturized, you’ll need to make them pretty. While this isn’t really a vital step, knowing that your toes are pretty (even if you’re the only one who can see them because your feet are stuffed into closed toe shoes all day) can do quite a lot for your self-esteem. Cuticle pushers are the best option for pushing back your cuticles (trimmers can cause a multitude of wounds and infections). Apply a base layer of nail strengthening polish. And when that is dry, you can use any color of nail polish you prefer. Not a fan of DIY? Check out manicure Cary NC experts.

Do-it-yourself pedicures can be done pretty quickly and are commonly more cost effective than those that you would get professionally. They’re good for your whole body health, so get going!

Do It Yourself At Home: The Pedicure
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