Charlotte Pain Relief Specialists

Stem cell therapy is just one alternative treatment option for knee pain relief. Knee joint replacement is actually another long-term surgical procedure. Knee joint replacement too is a very slow methodical recovery of the joint’s function taking long periods of time. Knee joint degeneration too is a gradual degeneration process which requires careful, slow treatment to heal.

Pain Relief with Stem Cells

Stem cells are found in our body naturally. They perform many important functions within the body but sometimes they get damaged or injured causing pain and discomfort. There are several types of stem cell therapy used for knee replacement and other medical treatments. The most popular of these is monoclonal gammopathy where liquid collagen is injected into a joint to promote formation of new cartilage. It has been successful in various clinical trials and has no major side effects so far. However, it may not be effective as a treatment for osteoarthritis as such degenerative diseases are genetically determined. Regenerative medicine Charlotte NC provides these services to help you finally see relief.

Stem Cell Therapy

Another type of stem cell therapy uses fat injections to encourage growth of new cartilage in a joint. This kind of treatment is being used in some instances as an alternative to grafting new joint cartilage. This is also known as compartment syndrome wherein a small amount of fat is injected into a joint that requires rebuilding. This kind of injection helps in the production of new cells and helps with joint pain relief. The procedure is usually carried out on a few areas at a time.