Putting oatmeal to use in a facial is nothing new. There is an array of homemade facials out there that you can put to use in order to get your skin to look and feel enhanced. A lot of people who are professionals in homeopathic skin care suggest utilizing oatmeal as one of your main ingredients. This is because oatmeal can be used to soak up excess oil, exfoliate the skin, and deliver moisture to the skin on your face. There are lots of homemade facial recipes to choose from. Several of them are quite painless to put together and take only a few minutes to combine. If you are attracted to homemade oatmeal facials, carry on reading to study some recipes which you can utilize!

Oatmeal Recipe

The first recipe we’ll discuss here includes half a cup of dry oatmeal ground into a powder with your blender. In a separate bowl combine a quarter cup of plain yogurt and a couple of tablespoons of honey. Now blend everything together until you have a smooth paste.

Avoid the skin around your eyes as you spread this mix on your face. After fifteen minutes remove with a warm washcloth. That feels nice now doesn’t it? Break up some oatmeal in your blender or food processor. In a different container, stir together a couple tablespoons of honey with a quarter cup of plain yogurt or buttermilk. Combine this “wet” mixture with your “dry” mixture and blend together until you have created a substance. Daub the mixture all over your face with your fingers.

Take care to avoid your eyes and the area around them as this skin is very sensitive even to natural ingredients. Permit this paste to stay on your face for around fifteen minutes or so until it begins to dry out. Put clean and warm water to use for washing the paste off your face. If you have a surplus, store it in the fridge for tomorrow (of course, don’t store it in there for longer than a day). This mixture is mild enough that you can use it every day if you would like to.


If you suffer from dry skin try this recipe. Begin by massaging your face with a tablespoon of dry oatmeal. Next moisturize your face with a mixture that is made up of half of a mashed-up ripe banana and a couple of ounces of plain yogurt. Be sure to spread evenly but not into the eyes. Rinse this mixture off with warm tepid water after it’s sat on your skin for 20 minutes or more.

Improve your skins condition with the above tips or create your own recipes. Don’t waste your money on what you can have from your own kitchen.

How to Make Your Own Homemade Facials with Oatmeal