Lots of people have to deal with stress headaches at least a few times in their lives, but some people get them all the time. A headache can ruin your day and make it difficult to do the things that you need to do. There are many treatments and remedies for stress headaches, though you should consult a doctor if you get these regularly. For the most part, though, home remedies and some basic lifestyle changes and shifts are more than enough to cure your tension headaches.


Aromatherapy is just one method that is simple and yet effective for treating stress headaches. If you haven’t yet given it a chance yet, you’re probably wondering how smells can stop headaches but the simple fact is that our brains actually do respond to different smells and the correct one can have quite a relaxing effect and can even stop pain. Peppermint oil is one of the best options for headaches and, thankfully is one of the least expensive options. Lavender, eucalyptus and sandalwood are also good. It’s possible to buy a variety of devices to spread the essential oil fragrances around but benefits can also be had by simply sniffing an open bottle or putting a couple of drops of it to your wrists or your forehead. You should try a few different odors to figure out which one works the best for you.

Pressure Points

Chronic headaches can often be cured using acupuncture and other methods that involve pressure points. If there’s a good acupuncture practitioner in your local area, you should go in for a consultation because acupuncture is a fantastic way to cure your headaches and reduce your overall stress. Be prepared for the possibility of needing more than one session. You can save money and time and effort by learning about the pressure points in your feet and hands. Reflexology is one system that teaches this, and you can find lots of information about this online. Still another technique that may work is called EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique, which has you tap various points on your body, and this can be useful for relaxation and stopping stress headaches.

Avoid Compression Headaches

If you wear things around or on your head might be adding to your headaches. A headband is obvious as a culprit but even things like sunglasses, headphones, hats and helmets can cause unneeded tension in those areas. Some people are prone to things called external compression headaches, which are the result of pressure around the skull. Something that might not feel uncomfortable when you put it on may be constricting the blood flow when you keep it on for hours at a time.

So if you always wear a hat or something else on your head, you may want to try giving you head a break. There are lots of ways to treat your stress headaches and you can start with one of the methods we’ve talked about here. Overall, the best way to prevent these type of headaches from occurring is to learn how to relax, even in situations that tend to make you tense. This may not be easy, but you can train yourself to not let life stress you out so much. There are many benefits to reducing stress in your life, and not getting so many headaches is one of them.

How to Work Through Your Stress Headaches