What is Reiki?

Reiki is an ancient healing method that has been adopted from Buddhism and Hinduism and used for thousands of years. While the reiki training process may seem intimidating to some, anyone can become certified as a reiki master in as little as eight to ten days. Reiki is taught by energy healing Raleigh using the same methods that a Reiki Master Practitioner teaches, and reiki education begins the same way. While some aspects of each level are set in stone, each reiki practitioner will usually teach them a bit differently. There are generally three (or four) levels of reiki training although, each one is centered around the “application” (a simple ceremony of power giving).

Reiki Masters

Reiki Masters, even those who have been reiki for several years, will have different methods for teaching and learning reiki than newer practitioners who are just starting out with reiki practices. As new students come along, the reiki masters will review the student’s reiki training to see how they are doing and if they are on track to becoming a reiki master. The reiki masters will also help the new reiki students better understand the concepts of reiki, energy and healing through reiki education, allowing the students to apply these concepts to their daily reiki practices.

Reiki Instructor Training

Reiki Masters, reiki instructors and reiki training apprentices all go through reiki education which involve learning to receive and give (either with or without hands), to move energy and to channel that energy for healing. The reiki masters can also give their students a guided meditation to prepare for attunement. The guided meditation to prepare for attunement is simply a series of relaxation exercises that the reiki master places before the student for an extended period of time, allowing the student to relax and allow the reiki energy to flow freely through the body. The guided meditation to prepare for attunement can also be used to relax the mind and allow the mind to become more open and receptive to the reiki energy, so the reiki energy will have a greater chance of reaching the recipient.

Reiki Training